Maximize your web sales conversions with Convermax e-commerce search
Multiple options in search criteria delivers more relevant results quickly
Leverage your analytics to increase sales conversions
Full features reporting allows you to easily adjust the parameters for results delivery
Intuitive and easy to use, Convermax makes the shopping experience easy and fun!
Your customers will be satisfied with the ease of your search system
Increased sales conversions deliver bottom-line results
Convermax makes it easy for your customers to buy what they want
Make your eCommerce store your customers' go-to online shop
A great buying experience delivers word-of-mouth referrals and repeat shoppers

What Does Convermax™ Do?

Simply put, Convermax helps your shoppers find what they need, fast. An easy-to–use enhanced site search, Convermax puts site visitors in charge of selecting the right search parameters that zero in on what they want. Fast, accurate search results with no hassles turns shoppers into buyers.

Online shoppers are impatient and easily distracted. Convermax enhanced site search lets you put the shopper in the driver’s seat so they find what they want to buy, quickly. More relevant search results deliver increased sales conversions for you. More satisfied customers generate strong word-of-mouth referrals.

eCommerce is highly competitive and you need every advantage. Today’s online shoppers expect to save time, which means simple, highly accurate search is a necessity. Enhanced site search from Convermax delivers fast, relevant results from criteria easily selected by the shopper. Shoppers find what they want quickly and easily, and you get increased sales conversions. And Convermax also serves up great add-on product suggestions to help increase order size.

What’s Happening at Convermax

Magento Plug-In Available

Convermax eCommerce site search is now available for Magento platform users. Simple-to-use and affordable, Convermax site search is a sophisticated advanced search product. Read more.

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HalfOffDeals.com Joins the Convermax Family

The newest and largest Convermax site search customer is HalfOffDeals.com. An online retailer, Half Off Deals is a hub of items available at significant savings. These deals are from major retailers …

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